Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow! I really am behind on updating LOL

When I started this blog I thought I would do a much better job of keeping it going but then school started and the craziness just keeps on coming!!! : )

The kids school year is almost over and they are both doing VERY well!! Ainsleigh amazes me with how well she has adapted to the school setting and her peers! She struggles with somethings but she is the sweetest little girl!! All of her teachers cannot gush enough about how sweet and enthusiastic she is about doing a good job. We have learned that she is very good with numbers, sequences/patterns, anything to do with art/music (we already knew that), and she LOVES P.E. : ) At the beginning of the school year they had a little dance/performance in front of the whole school and parents, Ainsleigh did not do well!! This semester they had another one, Ainsleigh not only performed but liked it!! We are SO proud of her!! She does have some struggles with letters, sounds, learning words, etc. She did very well in speech last semester at UNT but this semester she had a new therapist and she was struggling connecting with him. She started dreading going to therapy and because of all of my issues I pulled the kids out. I think it was a really good thing for Ainsleigh!

Brycen is doing VERY well!!! He started the school year with no hesitations and no regression. He jumped right back into it and took off!! He knows his entire alphabet forwards and backwards, he can count to fifty (though he will get a little sidetracked), he knows colors & shapes, he is now using the "I want..." phrase to request (though he is not always consistent), and he is doing so many things that he did not do before (i.e. get into/out of the car himself, takes off his jacket/zips it up, etc.)!! After Thanksgiving Brycen got sick and for the next couple of months we were constantly at the doctor trying to get him well. He would get a bug then before he could get over it, he would get another one! By Christmas he had pnemonia and was very sick. When school started up, he had a hard time getting back into the routine of things and behavioral issues became a problem. He is doing much better now and as of his birthday, he now goes full time!!! His teacher fought very hard to get him in full time and we are so blessed because of her!! She truly is an amazing teacher who works SO HARD for our kids!! She inspires me to always keep trying, fighting for my kids and their needs! Brycen had a little adjustment time to the new schedule but he is doing very well!!! : )

It is now Spring Break and we have just returned from another visit to Elijah's Retreat!! The kids had a BLAST!!! We went hiking through the numerous acres they have and the kids loved it!! Ainsleigh felt like we were on an adventure and both kids did really well following the trail. We played on the playground, played games, flew a kite, etc. They truly love that place and we are SO GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for Elijah's Retreat!!!

Though we had a great time on our vacation, it is hard not to realize just how limited our life is when looking at it from the outside in. I think it hit Brent harder this time than ever before. Simple things like having a camp fire and roasting marshmallows was a disaster with Brycen. Ainsleigh loved it and did very well, but Brycen kept trying to run away into the trees and wouldn't stop screaming when we put his leash on. Then he tried going into the fire and needless to say he and I ended up in the cabin. This was just one episode that occurred; there were many others. We cannot do so many things and Ainsleigh misses out on so much because we have to always accomodate for Brycen's needs/issues. We know it is not his fault and we never blame him, but sometimes it is hard to not feel so sad... well sad is not really a good description but how can you put into words the heartache that wells up inside at not being able to do something so simple as play kickball or catch or red light/green light?! As parents we struggle to balance what he is able/capable of doing/handling with what Ainsleigh wants/needs. There are times when she is left wanting and we are too!! Anyway, that is life... we enjoy the good times, cherish them and know the future holds so many great things! I'll try to get some pictures posted soon (no guarantees, haha)!!