Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New School Year

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I plan to make a few posts over the next few days to catch up on all that we did over the summer!!

Last Thursday we went to Meet the Teacher night at the kids school. Ainsleigh is in Kindergarten and Brycen is still in his PPCD class (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities). Ainsleigh's teacher is Ms. Cherry and she is VERY nice!! Ainsleigh likes her and we chatted about some of the things going on with Ainsleigh so that we could work together to make this a GREAT year. Brycen's teacher is Ms. Tierney and she is the same teacher he had last year, YEAH!!!!! : ) She was SO excited to see Brycen and so proud of his hard work during the summer to not regress! Ainsleigh's classroom is just a few doors down from Brycen's and his teacher is helping keep an eye on Ainsleigh!!

The kids started school on Tuesday and Brycen was excited and happy!! He really loves his class!! Ainsleigh had a meltdown before we got to school and Brent went to work late so that he could be there to help ease her into the transition. She did better once she got to school and she ended up having a GOOD day!!! She told me when I picked her up, though she was crying. I was stuck in the line of cars picking up kids and I didn't get there fast enough for her, haha!! Anyway, the teacher, the principal, and Brycen's teacher all told me she had a good day too!! I had to meet with the teachers, the cafeteria manager, and the nurse about Ainsleigh's peanut allergy and I am VERY impressed at how serious they are taking it and the measure's they are taking to keep her safe! Her peanut allergy is severe and because of her sensory issues it is very hard for her to even be in the same room with peanut butter. Brycen had a good day too!! He did not fuss at all and was very happy to be back in his class (he didn't take to well to the summer school class).

This morning we had a major meltdown with Ainsleigh and it is so heart breaking to see her so upset and not be able to do anything about it! It is going to take some time for her to adjust to the change, but we are very hopeful it will work out!! She was doing much better once at school, so hopefully she will have another good day!! Brycen was happy as usual, haha!!! : ) I'll write more later about the summer and how today goes!!

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