Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Sunday Surprise

Texas is a GREAT state to live in and I am proud to be from Texas, but there are some serious flaws!! Now I know I will probably lose my citizenship for admitting openly and on the internet (gasp!!) that TX has flaws, but it does (still love TX!!)....

I was trying to sneak out of the house to go to the store without having an entourage (aka KIDS!! hahaha) go with me, so I quietly put on my shoes and grabbed my keys, phone, and planner (when Brycen sees shoes, he knows that means we are going "out") to head to the store. I eased the garage door open as soundless as I possibly could and stepped into the garage without turning lights on so as not to be seen by the entourage. Just as soundlessly, I close the garage door and flip on the overhead light when I got the biggest surprise that I have gotten in a while..... (look down only if you have a strong stomach)

Oh YEAH!!!! This little surprise was literally about a foot away from me when I flipped on that light and needless to say I startled him just as badly as he startled me!!!!! His head was up, facing me, mouth open...... my reaction: RAN!!!!!!!! Luckily, I had NOT locked the door behind me and I burst in and slammed it as quickly as I could at the same time screaming at Brent, "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!?!?!"... hahaha, his reaction was hilarious - he had not a clue about my little surprise. I quickly told him what was in there and that I was NEVER going in there again!!! hahaha Rewind about three years when we were living in Medina, I wanted to take Ainsleigh (two years old) and Brycen (newborn) onto the patio to play. Ainsleigh ran out ahead of me as I held Brycen in one arm and the bouncer in the other walked through the doorway only to get a movement from the corner of my eye.... can you guess what it was?! Oh yes.... it was a snake, ON THE WALL!!!!! I freaked just as I did on Sunday!!! I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES!!!! Most people don't but I REALLY don't!!! I have gone into the garage since Sunday, but you do not even want to know the precautions I take now. The only thought that constantly runs through my mind is that it was sitting right were Brycen runs to go to his side of the car, my beautiful little oblivious to all dangers Brycen.... I know I shouldn't think about it because it didn't happen that way, but.... I am a mom and I am a worry wart!!! Gotta love TX surprises... : )


  1. Wendi!!!! Oh my goodness! Did you wet your pants? I might have if I were you! LOL! Funny story (since no one got bit)!

  2. Hahaha!!!! Almost!!! I still cannot go into the garage without being a little skittish!!!